I haven’t written much lately.  There’s several reasons – most involve my life being so busy that I haven’t had time to document the insanity!  The other is that I want to write without boring everyone and myself.  Honestly, I’m probably the everyone who reads this anyway – so mostly I don’t want to bore me!  🙂  I had surgery a bit ago – the recover was longer than I thought it would be – and so there were a number of good meals that we also said to ourselves – we need to blog about that.  But did I?  No.  I didn’t.  But I healed and am feeling SO much better.

BY THE WAY.  IF you think that your gallbladder might be having issues – don’t play with it.  AND don’t listen to doctors if they give silly advice.  I had an ER doctor tell us that he thought I was having panic attacks and needed to see my chiropractor.  I’m not kidding…  He did!  It really messed with me. In the end – the “panic” feeling was from my little organ not working well.  So, we removed the organ – and removed the panic attacks – and all the pain!  YEAH!  I do love my chiropractor’s but hey, they can’t help an issue like this….

Ok, enough of my ranting.  So, we have been on a few days of vacation.  I thought I would share them.  

Here is our first day in the Windy City!  It held up to it’s reputation beautifully. What’s on your top ten list of places to visit in Chicago?  Mine?  Oh – the Art Institute!  But, sadly, with two little girls, that didn’t make their first choice.  Now, normally I’d pull rank and say that I’m leading them to learn and to appreciate the love of art and history and all things worth knowing about.  But, they to got to pick where they wanted to go as well…. and we went to….  {hint – it’s in the video!}

Day TWO!  My youngest is a girl after my own heart.  She loves dinosaurs – and so we had to go visit the best known one around…