Our little new brew! {Baby Announcement…}

I am realizing that I should have written this before.  At this point many people know – but I’m sure there may be a few who haven’t found out.  OOPS!  Life sometimes seems to fly by and suddenly I realize that I’m 34 weeks pregnant and never wrote a single blog update about the pregnancy.  In some ways perhaps this is good.  It has been fairly uneventful!  But on the other hand it also is because of the pace of our lives.  We didn’t get a Christmas card {or blog post!} put up this year.  We didn’t do many things we wanted to do…


We did find out we were pregnant!

  • 13 years of marriage bliss! 
  • 2 amazing girls through 2 amazing adoptions.
  • 13 homes – in 13 years!  (I’m glad to say that we have lived in many homes for upwards of 4 to 5 years, so although we have moved a lot – luckily many of those were for an extended time.  Then we did several quick moves all at once!)
  • One gallbladder-removal surgery {last year} – which – we have NO idea how or why or WHAT it would have to do with anything… but…..
  • One little boy-on-the-way with an estimated due date of March 13th!
We are so excited and so blown away with this journey.   Our life has been crazy enough (running a business, homeschooling, etc.) so adding in a pregnancy with the normal ups and downs has been a bit of an adjustment!  I was SHOCKED to be told that I was considered (get this!) a “geriatric pregnancy” because I was going to be 35 when the baby was born!  Geriatric?  Seriously?  Good grief. 
Regardless… I am now 34 weeks into this adventure.  He moves a WHOLE lot and early on I felt like I was being taken over by a creature from beyond.  (I’m from New Mexico – Area 51 anyone?!) But after the last several ultrasounds where we actually SAW this little boy – chubby wrists and hands and cheeks – it’s feeling more real.   The girls are so very excited.  Several of my t-shirts have oil stains where J, the four year old, has run up and kissed on me.  I didn’t realize she had Chapstick on.  Oops.  At least it’s a stain with a sweet memory!  
Here’s to another year, another baby, and another adventure!