It is late in the evening now. Today was an unusually good day. Everyone had a delightful day and only one child had had any bleeding.  I’m mostly kidding.  With four kids we go though a lot of bandaids and boo boo cream.  The house was full of the sound of laughter and running feet.  The weather was perfect too and so the sound of slamming doors did were not included in the sound of those running feet! We opened the front and back door and let the air move through.  Dinner was delivered by my dear chicken as we had fresh eggs and waffles. Many many waffles. As I sit and think through the joy of today and preparing for tomorrow I’m struck with a thought. 

 My life has recreated itself so many times over the last twenty years.  Again I feel the urge to write and share my story – my life. But this time I’m so aware of how many times my life has changed its look.  

Twenty years of walking through something called adulthood. 

How can that be? I graduated high school twenty years ago? Green and ready to change the world.  Oh, how my wold has shrunk. Today I will rest well if I believe I’ve changed something in my own little world on my own little land with my own little babies! 

I started writing this blog many years ago.  Not quite twenty, but love no before three of my babies had even been a thought – they were only dreams to be dreamed! I find myself slightly disappointed that I dropped of writing when live became busy.  I’ve lost those stories.  But I have so many days and times with these loves. As our life has taken this current turn I don’t want to miss out.  I want to take it and share it with my little world.  To create a home that is centered in true JOY (Jesus, others, and then ourselves).  

I see glimpses of that in my babies.  It gives me hope! As we carve out our home on this property that we are carving our family into the generations that will come after us. 

We gather our babies and we gather this land.  We hold it with open hands and ask.  Lord. Please bless us to be a blessing. May we hold all this with open palms.