I just had one of those moments, walking back up the hill from The Barn and looking at the final descent of color as the sunset was finishing.  Deep oranges flushing into grey.  Our farm has changed a lot in the last year.  A year ago we were celebrating the arrival of our newest human, Lottie.  But this year we are anticipating the arrival of kids from all five Willow Hill does.  The daddy, a dapper little buck named Dakotah Outlaw, Cody for short, seems like he will make a fine father.  We go down in the evenings to do an evening check, feed everyone for the night, and basically love on everyone for a few minutes before the humans again claim all our focus.

To our best estimate several does are close to kidding.  We will begin to do multiple checks per day this week.  All the symptoms of late pregnancy seem to be present.  I remember some of these a little too closely!  Little Ava seem ready to burst.  She has such a sweet personality.  She is the smallest of all does,  short and now a bit stout.  But willing to be loved on and hugged repeatedly by my children!

Life at the farm house once again clammers for attention.  The children are ready for their love now as well!  I’ve had friends asking when we will have kids {goat ones!} to love on!  The excitement is definitely mounting!